Couples massage Uitzicht

What do you get when a bellydance pilates instructor and a bodybuilder team up? …I know right!?

A unique couples massage experience ready to be tailored for you by you.


Nix (Body. Fascia. The Worx) and Leon (Healing Touch Therapies) have recently Teamed up to offer you a fun, professional, affordable & unique couples massage experience:

Each partner chooses their own tailored massage style ranging from pain/tension relief to ultimate relaxation and of course; a combination!

We can arrange quiet soft music or pump the bass loud.

Choose to arrive and jump straight onto our tables to get right down to business or;

Opt to allow some time to chill into your surroundings, ice bucket awaits!

Bring your own fizz/wine/beer or we can arrange your specific choice of refreshment and charge this to your bill.

Perhaps you may prefer us to travel out to your home?

We’ll be ready & waiting to hear about specific ailments to focus on or simply join us to relax & zone out.

If you’d like separate rooms, we can arrange this.
E.g. Allowing a chatty partner space to yack while your partner may prefer to kick back in silence.

This is your couples massage experience, get in touch and we’ll chat through your ideas and options.


Terms and Conditions:
Coordinating your ideal couples massage experience requires additional input of our time to prepare: Payment for your booking in advance is essential. Appointments can be rescheduled if we’re notified by midnight the night beforehand.

Couples massage rates:

Please refrain from making suggestive & unwanted comments of a sexual nature. Thank you.

R400 pp – Bodywork / Massage – 1.0 Hour.
R550 pp – Bodywork / Massage – 1.5 Hour.
R700 pp – Bodywork / Massage – 2.0 Hour.

R650 pp – Bodywork / Massage – 1.0 Hour. Home Visit
R800 pp – Bodywork / Massage – 1.5 Hour. Home Visit
R950 pp – Bodywork / Massage – 2.0 Hour. Home Visit
Areas outside of Northern Suburbs may require an addition R1 / km surcharge to cover travel expenses and time.